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     Hope Christofferson spent her childhood homeschooling in the magical Black Hills of South Dakota, surrounded by nature which served to spark a love for fairy-tales. Having an interest in traditional mediums, her works primarily consists of watercolor and oil. She is now traveling the world in search of mythological creatures for a modern bestiary where the parallel functions of myth and technology are explored. 

   Over the course of the past few years Hope has explored her interests in nature and fantasy through artist residencies in secluded cabins and medieval cities. Through her travels she meets many wonderful people with whom she tells stories, illustrates, sings, and builds new worlds that synthesize the varied perspectives of creative minds. When not painting, Hope can be found swimming with mermaids or dragon-hunting on her unicorn.


      I believe in the continued use of fantasy as a tool to digest reality through play. I’m fascinated by how folklore once rationalized events like lightning, rainbows, love, death, and plagues. I draw parallels between the functions of folklore and the scientific counterparts that have come to replace it. Logic can explain how things happen, but not always why they happen. Choosing to see the world in an inquisitive light invites belonging and hope into the soul. The metaphors within myth and folklore provide answers that nothing else can address. Fueled by my deep love for nature, I incorporate personal symbology derived from my past to illuminate the sacred significance of plants and animals within human life. Many of my paintings are made in the woods, where I use watercolor to blend the intricate details of trees, mushrooms, and flowers with narrative symbolism.

  I reference folklore and myth to show how in a contemporary context ancient tales take on new meanings- becoming warped reflections of society’s current needs. A reconnection and respect for nature leads to behavioral changes that are increasingly important in a world that is rapidly developing. Fantasy illustration brings attention to humanity’s tendency towards magical thought, and the power of archetypal guidance. The metaphorical power of art allows me to understand my own anxiety around the future. I paint, sculpt, and film as an exploration of memory and dream. Through surrealistic references to inner quests, I leave my paintings with a sense of belonging and purpose within this tumultuous yet deeply wonderful universe.

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