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Finding Cosmic Destiny at Grandma's House...

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

The MAIN point of this post (in case you don't want to read the rambles): We each have a special, magical, and bizarre life to experience.

Now, let the tale begin:

Greetings from the other side my friends! I'm writing from the cozy kitchen of my dear grandmother who's name is Candy. Autumn hath waltzed into in the hills of South Dakota, and a chilly air settles upon the papery yellow leaves that crunch beneath the woodland wanderer's feet. I am so at home here in this house of old wood, glowing Edison bulbs, and dusty books. Strange paintings of moonlight jesters and diamond-studded courtesans grin and dance across the curiously curated walls. My grandmother uses her role as the matron of my family as cover for her real career of artistic storytelling and witchery. For she spends her days cooking herbs in cauldrons, humming songs of enchantment, and sketching characters that then leap to life from the magic pages of her spell books. It is a good, humble life of quiet beauty and joy. And I feel a

deep sense of comfort and awe whenever I am in her

presence within the secluded safety of her forest home.

So the scene has been set, and now I can write about Cosmic Destiny. What a lovely term, so dramatic and fun. I have no idea where it came from, I made it up and it is most definitely not original. But I have been using Cosmic Destiny with increasing frequency as I talk with friends and offer guidance to those who ask for it. Here is what I think the term means, or least what it means to me. Perhaps you will find something of value in this writing. For I'm hoping it will bring me more clarity as I write about this idea that recently made its way into my ever-shifting lexicon of half-fictional terminology.

Let's start with a real-life fairytale from a recent experience in my life. Once upon a time I tried to convince a friend of mine to come and hang out with me at my aforementioned grandma's cottage of art and magic. I'm 23 and I'm still trying to organize playdates, for I will always be a child at heart, for better or for worse. Having recently decided to leave my graduate program, I could suddenly prioritize my own artistic practice with a litheness that is characteristic of a freelancer. I work a lot, but its on my own time. I work well with this freedom, and it took a long time to get to this point in my career as an illustrator.

I oftentimes forget that not everyone has this same ability to fluidly change their schedule in order to make room for spontaneous adventures. Nor should they, for the world would fall into chaos. And even though I hold this freedom in the highest esteem, this perceived value of flexibility within one's schedule is not applicable to anyone else's journey. So this fairytale ends with the friend saying no to the little art day in the woods, for she had a class. That class will lead her to great career later on life, which will then turn into to even greater opportunities further down the yellow-brick road. How wonderful. It truly is! There can be a bit of disappointment when two Cosmic Destinies split, especially when the fulfillers of them are good friends. But, the thing about these grandiose storylines is that they always reconnect, and twist and twine back together. We each have one of these fantastical roads to walk, but they will never be traveled alone. For despite these threads being interconnected, they are each unfathomably unique.

In conclusion, take a jump. Simply choose what it is that conjures joy in mundanity. Find what you see as true. Find what is worth fighting for. Find the magic in the ordinary. Find the story you want to tell. Sit with some trees, or some books, or anything quiet, and open up your chest just a little bit and let your heart speak to you. It likely has something to say- give it the kindness and peace it needs to feel safe to whisper the plot line of your Cosmic Destiny.

Much love, stay creative, and I'll see you all soon :)

-Hope xoxoxo

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