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A podcast and blog examining the art and myths of the 21st century renaissance.

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Troll Livestream!

In this episode of Art Anarchy we talk with two illustrators and authors about their work.

Maxwell Green is a freelance illustrator and educator who shares tips on starting and keeping a sketchbook practice. His own sketchbook offers him a fun and creative place to take notes, keep track of grocery lists, and design characters from fantastical realms. He also shares some of his favorite brands of art supplies to get help get people excited about art and keeping a drawing journal. #notanadd


Max's favorite graphic novels and artists are Hellboy, Andrew Maclean and Bird King by Crom.

Here are his favorite weapons of mass creation:

1. Programs for sketching on an iPad: Procreate (create a sketchbook file) & Adobe Fresco

2. Sketchbook Brands:

3. Drawing Utensils:

Second Guest

S. Forrest Lybrand is woodland storyteller and jack-of-all-trades. Here is a bit about him

from his website:

"I’m a writer and a poet. I doodle often, and sometimes try my hand at “serious” artwork. In all those mediums, I am attempting to tell stories. I’m making up tableaus or full narratives. When I was young and had not yet learned how to write, I would draw scenes of a story on multiples pages, staple them all together, and then dictate dialogue and narration to my mother for each page. Currently I do my own writing, residing in the Lone Star State where I create stories that spur the imagination and strike at the heart of adventurers. My main love is telling fantasy stories, but there are many genres I’d like to explore."


Forrest's writing echoes of whimsy and deep lore from ancient myths. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Lewis Carroll play a role in his nonsensical yet lovely writings and illustrations.

Literary Agent Resource:

Thanks to all those who tuned into the livestream, but if you were busy fighting dragons or taming unicorns, that's ok! The actual livestream is archived on my Instagram, and there is a link below if you want to watch the stream. Be sure to tune in on Sunday's at 9:00 am PST for more Art Anarchy and interviews.

Video Available Here:

Stay creative my friends,

-Hope xoxo :)(:

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23 ott 2022

You guys are good ❤️ thank you ❤️

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